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Smashing Pumpkins

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these guys were my favorite band in my youth.its sad to see what a piece of shit they or just billy has become over the years.

I'll never forget rushing down to the record store the day Mellon Collie came out.
Sp's music just had such heart and MCIS and Siamese Dream were true masterpieces.
I've never known a band that has gone from making such great music to making such utter trash today!!!! I just didn't think it could be possible and I never knew that day in 1995 that 16 years later my hero Billy Corgan would become such a weird, creepy guy.
The lyrics on these new songs are some of the worst I have ever heard! - how can this have happened from the guy who wrote songs like 'Mayonaise'?????????
The new songs are actually really really cheesy, all happy clappy filled with awful synths and bad lyrics - they've (Billy really) actually become cringe worthy and I'm embarrassed listening to their new stuff.
Billy seems to delight in making his voice sound as awful as possible these days. I actually really used to love his voice but couldn't be bothered with the way he sings now.
I was a huge huge fan and I still rate their earlier albums as the best ever but this band is dead to me now.
I really wish they had called it quits but Billy continues to rape their legacy.