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magic/white magic/black magic/occultism etc.

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yoda, it's all in the energy.
transfering energy, transforming energy, retrieving energy.

the whole term 'magic' now got such bad conotations..
and yes I do believe in the energy around us, auras, energy leechers or healers.


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thanks Trey,

I don't believe in the stuff but I'd love it to be true.

besides, lots of people believe in Jesus, a zombie jew from outer space, and they think he's for real.

yeah, right.

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the only wizard i believe in

srsly tho, i dont believe in magic or any of that mystic hooey. As far as what lostpilot was talking about with the energies, i do kind of believe that just not in the way that LP was describing it.
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I believe in the energies. The mind is a very powerful tool and we only use about 10% of it at a time so who knows?
As for believing. I don't so much believe in it but the idea of it. Its a fun idea its cool to think or imagine that magic can exist.
As for the other. I do not belive in the bible. Anyone can write a bible/book. It has even been proven that the bible was written at diffrent times through the centuries. So really the person just puts there own personal beliefs in it even if they were "sent from god". That being said i do believe in God. They're has to be a higher power somewhere. ( is that magic? maybe...) As for UFO's i Do believe they are true. we can't expect to be the only planet in the whole universe to have life. and mabye... those Aliens can do the houcus pocus harry potter stuff you never know.

Personally i don't think humans will ever reach the status of using "real magic" We are simply too stupid.

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