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Hello there!

My name is Henrik and I am 16 years old (born 1993) and I live in Sweden.
I'm a musician, I started to play drums by the age of 10/11, picked up bass at 13 and guitar at 13 ½.
I have a little studio in my attic where I record my creations which you can find on my myspace, it's .  :)

Here is a pic of me (it's a few months old though,  my hair have grown a bit)

Here is a nother one!

And this one.

People describe me as a happy and fun person, though I am a bit absent-minded but I have heard it's a bit charming, haha. ;)

I am currently taking Pro Tools-classes and I will get a certificate that will let me use Pro Tools while I am working, so I am planning on going around the world working with Pro Tools.

I tried to trace the first time I heard Deftones and I think the first time I heard Deftones must have been from playing Street Skater 2, they had a remix of My Own Summer in it, I wonder if it's available somewhere, it was pretty cool.

I bought Adrenaline back in 06/07.

I like working out, and I like to philosophise.


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cool dude, welcome!

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Welcome Henrik!  Good luck with pro tools dude! 

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welcome dude,
cool to have more musicians here :)

Yes yes, Deftones, yes yes, heavy metal, yes yes, nü metal, yes yes, fucking queer, yes yes...