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Yo Deftones Fans!!!
« on: Dec 02, 2010, 12:29 AM »
Greetings Guys! The deftones have been my favorite band since i was 14 years old and i Just found out about this site from the guy who runs Deftones World. I've been searching for cool deftones sites for 14 years so to say im excided to be a part of this site doesn't quiet convey how jazzed i really am. To anyone else thats from Knoxville TN what did you think of the show in Sept.? Cause i know if you are Part this site you had to have been there. Question for anybody who can help. Years ago the video that made me a deftones fan was live footage of 7 words on a (believe it or not) MTV show about aggression hosted by Henry Rollins. Does anybody know what im talking about and can somebody hook me up with it? Its what started this love for the band so id really like to have it. Please i beg of you.