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NFL Week 6 Picks
« on: Oct 08, 2012, 05:14 AM »
I figured I might as well start this one early so everyone that wants to can get a chance to post their picks. Lots of interesting match ups this upcoming week...looking forward to it!

PIT@TEN - Steelers - Titans have nothing going for them this year at all. Steelers by a long shot.
KC@TB - Bucs - A toss up in my opinon. KC looked good against a good Baltimore team. I say the Bucs will edge them out though.
IND@NYJ - Colts - Impressive win against GB this past week, NYJ are overrated and without Holmes or  Revis they aren't all that great.
CIN@CLE - Bengals - Browns came out aggressive against the NYG but then they flopped. Bengals win this one.
DET@PHI - Eagles - Detroit hasn't looked all that impressive this year. I say the Eagles will get back on track in this one at home.
OAK@ATL - Falcons - Oakland isn't much improved this year at all compared to past years. The Falcons will continue their winning streak.
STL@MIA - Dolphins - A toss up either way in my opinion...I say the Dolphins edge it out at home.
DAL@BAL - Ravens - Dallas looked terrible against the Bears and IMO the Ravens are a better team, especially at home. Ravens win.
BUF@ARI - Cardinals - Buffalo has been blown out the past two weeks, not sure if this will be a blow out but the Cardinals will get back on track here.
NE@SEA - Patriots - Seattle's defense is good this  year, but I see Brady pulling this one out.
NYG@SAN FRAN - Giants - Could go either way honestly and will be a great game, but I see Eli Manning being the deciding factor here.
MIN@WAS - Vikings - Obviously I am a Vikings fan, but they are really playing great football this year and are 4-1, and now with RG3 getting banged up and possibly doubtful for this one I see the Vikings taking it.
GB@HOU - Texans - Green Bay has struggled the past few weeks and that is mainly due to no running game and offensive line struggles. I see the Texans taking advantage of that one at home here.
DEN@SD - Chargers - Another toss up type of game but I think the Chargers will rebound here from their loss against the Saints.
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Minnesota Vikings - 4-1
NFL Picks 6-7

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Re: NFL Week 6 Picks
« Reply #1 on: Oct 08, 2012, 05:39 AM »
PIT@TEN - Steelers
KC@TB - Bucs - looks like its brady quinn at the helm for KC now
IND@NYJ - Colts - jets just flat out suck
CIN@CLE - Bengals -
DET@PHI - Det - i think the D will hassle vick into more turnovers
OAK@ATL - Falcons
STL@MIA - Dolphins - A toss up but ill take the 'phins at home
DAL@BAL - Ravens - Im a dallas fan, but our O line is atrocious, ravens d will have their way with em
BUF@ARI - Cardinals - Buff has looked horrible the last two weeks
NE@SEA - Patriots - Hard to pick against tommy
NYG@SAN FRAN - this will be a good game but i see niners D getting it done, all the NFC east teams have suspect O lines
MIN@WAS - Vikings - Peterson!! and no rg3 for the skins
GB@HOU - Texans - playing well on both sides of the ball
DEN@SD - Chargers - always a good game, but i think SD gets it done at home, that and it seems like denver cant do shit until late in the game

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Re: NFL Week 6 Picks
« Reply #2 on: Oct 13, 2012, 07:00 AM »

KC@TB - Bucs
IND@NYJ - Colts -
CIN@CLE - Bengals
DET@PHI -lions
OAK@ATL - Falcons
STL@MIA - Rams
DAL@BAL - Ravens
BUF@ARI - Cardinals
NE@SEA - pats
MIN@WAS - Vikings
DEN@SD - Denver

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Re: NFL Week 6 Picks
« Reply #3 on: Oct 16, 2012, 05:09 AM »
Phillip Rivers can suck my balls, then suckem again. Donkeys FTW!