Author Topic: Hi, I never presented myself.  (Read 1179 times)

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Hi, I never presented myself.
« on: Oct 23, 2012, 01:08 AM »
Hi, my name is Guillaume. I'm french canadian from Montreal. I'm 28.
I like deftones since white pony and i started posting on the official deftones board ( in the same year (2000). That boards doesn't exist anymore though and it was a real jungle out there. Just before the self-titled, donk, their old web master and friend,  posted on the official board that he was working on the cd bonus of the album and he couldn't find a *beep* sound for the videos when they were using swear words, and i came up with one from the web and gave it to him. So i can say I had a little contribution on a deftones album haha.

I pretty much learned english on the board so i can say deftones was my motivation to learn how to read and write in english. I joined the sharinglungs board when the official board died....maybe even a little before. I'm a geek and I work as a programmer for a company named gamma that makes porn sites.

so now you know more about me.

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Re: Hi, I never presented myself.
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Hiya dude :)

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Re: Hi, I never presented myself.
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