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Fargo (Tv-series)

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I've been catching up on this show the last few weeks. Initially i was drawn to it from the title of course, and the cast seemed really good too, which it is. The last few episodes have been up among some of the best tv i've seen recently. I give it my seal of approval.

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This show is amazing. This and Louie are the best shows on right now.

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I been watching this too. It's a shame it's not getting the buzz like other shows, because every episode has simply been fantastic. Many great, memorable scenes (the last couple shootouts especially), and I love the casting of comedians. Odenkirk, Key and Peele, Adam Goldberg was awesome.

Just so many great characters and unpredictable story - I have no idea where there going with it in these last couple episodes.

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black coffee

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Luv it. Currently I am on a little weed break and I love to watch this show high, so I am a few episodes behind. Unfortunately I have been doing the same with GoT and people are spoilering me to death, especially after last episode.

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Fuck Collin hanks. Still can't get his gay role from dexter out of my head while watching this show and this little bitch takes out bob. Really lame. With so much of the show feelin like no country I I thought bob would just wander off like Javier did in country and just still be out there.

Great season though