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Re: The +/- thread!
« Reply #16780 on: Mar 20, 2017, 10:19 PM »
a year in review

+ getting in shape, quit smoking, most processed sugar, sleeping more, powerlifting, good balanced diet, yoga, mindfulness, 6 year relationship, great relationships with family (all of them emigrated so I am the only one still living here)
- haven't released any substantial / serious music for years now. feeling miserable about that, even though I produce new songs on a weekly basis, I am just stuck on building those songs up to around 90% and never being able to finish. As of now I think I have around 200 songs and none of them are finished. Also, living in a country which doesn't have a strong indie music support system sucks as well
- feeling pretty somber
+ a great fucking album by band 'NOTHING' - 'Tired of Tomorrow'

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Re: The +/- thread!
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@legs: Things you can imagine (minus gay sex), just needed to write it somewhere