Author Topic: Watz UP Deftones Fans !!  (Read 1544 times)

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Watz UP Deftones Fans !!
« on: Jul 01, 2015, 01:06 AM »
watz up deftones Fans!! Born in Sacramento,CA and I'm 20 also I live in Elk Grove lol. Anyways great to see some people I subscribe to on youtube that posted their interviews and live performances on YT much love to them and the original posters that give them footage... I first heard deftones on the queen of damned movie i wasn't really old enough to go on the net or to the cd store to get there music. But years after my older bro was playing Adrenaline and i was so shock on wat i have been missing out on. I was immediately into their music after that i mean that whole day I listen to Deftones just was amazing band.  i've recently had bought sum bootlegs off of Ebay but i'm pretty sure there posted here seems like almost everything of deftones lol which is very cool!! thx again for even having this forum exist!!

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Re: Watz UP Deftones Fans !!
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My eyes...................................

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Re: Watz UP Deftones Fans !!
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And that's wats up!!!

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Re: Watz UP Deftones Fans !!
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