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White Pony Elimination - (Round 8)

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It's time for Knife Party to be over.
I hate White Pony.

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I hope I don't get crucified for saying this, but the votes here are indicative of how I feel about WP. It's a really good album full of really good songs. It's all really good, there really isn't too much that isn't, so it's all kind of one-level goodness.

But you know what WP is missing for me that ST isn't? Something GREAT, something FANTASTIC, something that still gives me goosebumps even today.

Overall, WP is probably better because there's more average to decent to good songs on it. ST has more song I don't really care for, but also has 3 of my 5 favorite Deftones songs.

I know WP is a fan favorite... but honestly I can think of 2-3 albums I'd put above it. It just doesn't give me that wow factor anymore. Am I alone?
9/26/10 - Patriot Center
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