Author Topic: 1 Free Deftones Tic for any chick that wants to go Minneapolis at the Myth 8/16  (Read 1906 times)

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I'm from Chicago and I bought 2 tickets one for me and one for one of my friends that can't go anymore. If the concert was in Chicago I would be able to find someone to go with me. But its in Minneapolis where I know nobody, lol. I could sell the ticket but money isn't an issue for me and I don't need or want the money. I would rather take someone that is a Deftones fan that couldn't get into the show since its sold out. Figured I could find a girl deftones fan from Minneapolis to take on a concert date. I have a hotel to stay at so I'm not looking for a place to stay or anything like that. Just wondering if anybody would want to take me up on my offer. Again I live in Chicago I'm 33 years old have been a hardcore deftones fan since I was a teenager and looking for any girl that wants to go for free that's in her 20's or 30's. Let me know if your interested. 630-205-4355

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  • snw is the best deftones album.
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