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@ Greek Theater: August 26, 2016
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Rituals Of Mine:

They were electronic music.  I liked them and their energy.


They were kind of like hip hop + Lynyrd Skynyrd.  They had good energy.  I wasn't too into their style though.  Interesting that the singer came from Alabama.  He talked about how he was different over there, and people would look down on him because he didn't follow the beliefs of the Bible Belt, and he came from a White + Cherokee family.

Their music is hit or miss for me, so far.


Finally, my first time seeing them headline.

"Rocket Skates" is a good opener.  "Prince" was a nice surprise, didn't expect that one.  "Swerve City" is fun live.  "Knife Prty" was another surprise.  Cool to see live.

I'm also glad they played "Bored".  "Passenger" is always good.

There were several mosh pits going at the same time, throughout the show.


It was a good show.  But seeing as it was 1.5 hours, and they have a lot of material, I just want them to play more.  I got the same feeling from Godsmack when I saw them headline last year.  19 songs seems like a good amount, but a lot of them are short it and it goes by quickly.


Both for Godsmack and Deftones, I don't think I'd want to see them open after this, because it would be too predictable.




Hearts/Wires (Tape)

    Rocket Skates 
    Geometric Headdress 
    Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) 
    Diamond Eyes 
    Swerve City 
    Digital Bath
    Knife Prty
    Change (In the House of Flies) 



    My Own Summer (Shove It) 


Encore 2:

    Bored (with Prince's Purple Rain intro) 
    Engine No. 9 (with Cypress Hill's How I Could Just Kill A Man chorus) 

Purple Rain (Prince song) (Tape)