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My first post..
« on: Sep 09, 2019, 04:24 PM »
Hey everyone,

Iím a longtime Sharing Lungs lurker, and a Deftones obsessive since the late 1990s - I saw them live for the first time in Cleveland on 2000-07-10 (a show which I was thankfully able to obtain a live recording of from this site!)

Also saw Deftones on the BlackDiamondSkye tour on 2010-09-17 outside Detroit, and 2015-07-28 in Columbus, OH. 

Decided to move from lurker to non-lurker status after finding an audio CD-R of the April/May 2000 White Pony leak in my storage unit, which I will be sharing shortly. 

Thanks for all of the Deftones live shows and rarities which I've been able to check out thanks to this community!