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Blade Runner 2049.

Denis Villeneuve did the impossible and made a more than worthy sequel to the greatest sci-fi movie ever.

This was beautiful.
Agreed. Unfortunately, it's doing so poorly in the box office that I might not get the chance to see it in theaters a 2nd time.  The general public just doesn't often appreciate art. I know that kinda sounds pretentious , but that's just my thoughts on it ; it's a beautiful work of art, from head-to-toe. It not only perfectly replicates ( pun intended ? lolol ) the themes, symbolism and style of the first movie, but it improves upon those elements . I'll probably sound like a dickhead for this , but I definitely wanna see it in 3D. Just outstanding visuals.

American Made was also tons of fun.
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Yeah go home and don't forget to watch more movies like this shit, for example: The Day After Tomorrow, San Andreas and 2012, all those movies for an asshole like you are gold for sure!

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MI6 was fucking amazingly badassly awesome !!!!!

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My favorite film of 2018 and one of Nicolas Cage's best performances imo, described as a Psychedelic Action Horror. Highly recommended.
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