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Yes, it will sell out quickly, the venue isn't very large. Anyway, someone can't make the flight there and is trying to sell the tickets on Reddit. As a last resort...
Music General Discussion / Re: i want some raw ass shit
« Last post by B33HIV3 on Dec 01, 2023, 06:26 AM »
EP: Disdained Metropolis
Released: August 28, 2023
Genre: Medieval Brutal Death Metal
Chit Chat / Re: Favorite Pornstars and movies
« Last post by B33HIV3 on Nov 30, 2023, 11:34 PM »
Stop watching porn, you incel
Yes, they also played "Runner" for the first time.
Lmao, of course they play both Holier and Light as a Feather the night I don't go.
Music General Discussion / Re: sean paul gives woman the shakes
« Last post by B33HIV3 on Nov 30, 2023, 04:19 AM »
Sean Paul is dope! Afro dancehall is what the culture needs too
Byron Messia & Burna Boy - Talibans II
Yes, I had noticed that they kept the same setlist. The difference is that they played fewer songs this time. I know this experience well, but I always keep those kinds behind me, i keep dealing with it easily. The important thing is that you were able to enjoy the concert.
Show in Brooklyn was good, Chino sounded fantastic. Little disappointed they didn't do Holier or Light as a Feather (watch, they'll play one of them tonight) and that El-P wasn't there for Big Youth (I thought he was a BK resident, guess he was busy) but beggars can't be choosers I suppose. I also had to deal with some obnoxious douchebag behind me in the crowd but that's a given with the concert experience these days.
Music General Discussion / Re: Prog/Psychedelic rock topic
« Last post by B33HIV3 on Nov 29, 2023, 05:54 PM »
The 'Chronicles of a Diamond' album by Black Pumas, which was released on October 27th, is very good.
Black Pumas - Angel
Black Pumas - Mrs. Postman
Black Pumas - More Than A Love Song