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Hey, did you know about this. DEF are the 4th 5th and 6th letters of the alphabet, and also the ratios of the frequencies of a major chord. Look:
Chord            Half Steps between notes    Freq. Ratios
Major                    4-3                                         4:5:6
Major Chord 4:5:6

There is also, 4:20 is the 4th D and 20th T letter of the alphabet, might be Drug Time.
Egypt might be 5 7 25 16 20, if you add the digits of any two digit number of those it might be 5 7 7 7 2, if you add the last and first digits it might be 7 7 7 7
Vivien's okay but not really clicking with me. I'll give it some more spins tomorrow. I didn't hear him play it on Mixlr but I'm pretty sure Permanent.Radiant is referencing another song that I absolutely loved. Looking forward to the EP. I guess we'll get another EP or two down the line and they'll eventually combine them into an album like they did with the first album.

Fucking FANTASTIC. Is it a different song they were promoting tho? Sounds different


1.   Sensation   
2.   Vivien   3:53
3.   Cadavre Exquis   
4.   Day One   
5.   Holier   
6.   Procession
Seems to be only Vivien uploaded to streaming.

Instant classic, anyway. Chino played this one on Mixlr ages ago. Vocal hook is bulletproof great. Really enjoying Shaun's sound design on these new songs too.
I'll let them tell it...
Yeah I think two songs will go up and there'll be an initial video for one of them.
The vinyl that comes out on the 28th is two songs, so I don't see why they wouldn't put both songs on streaming.
So I'm confused.. Is it 2 songs or 1? They seem to be only promoting one song..