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latest concert you've been to

Started by goldpony, Oct 04, 2007, 07:20 PM

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Iron Maiden tonight! what a Fuckin' cool concert. good show.


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the Dropkick Murphys kicked a lot of ass in Milwaukee Friday night.  very happy.

bright lights, big city

saw Appleseed Cast twice last week. badass.

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Blue October on Thursday night   with some band that was totally forgettable.


TRUSTcompany on Friday night with Heavy The Fall and The Dreaming

GREAT Shows!    I wish I were doing it again this weekend. 

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Quote from: bright lights, big city on Mar 03, 2009, 06:58 PM
saw Appleseed Cast twice last week. badass.

:( :( :( :( :(

f you man. I'm so jealous. :(


Latest concert, uh... I saw Melissa Auf der Maur couple months ago in Helsinki. She was pretty good, actually.
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I saw 36 Crazyfists supported by Poison the Well on Suday. It was alright.
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Yesterday, March 16, RADIOHEAD!!! AWESOMENES!!
Kraftwerk was the opening band, nice show, most known songs were Man Machine, We are the Robots, Das Modell, Tour de France...

And the Radiohead setlist was:
15 Step
There There
The National Anthem (Amazing!!)
All I Need
Kid A
Karma Police (Awesome!!)
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
The Gloaming
Talk Show Host
You and Whose Army?
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Idioteque (Pretty Good!!)
Climbing Up The Walls
Exit Music (For a Film) ... well, they had to repeat this song after the beginning... and after, when the closing part was starting, they went wrong (lol) so they didn't finished this song... but it was ok though...

How to Disappear Completely
Paranoid Android (Tears drop from my eyes with this song!! I LOVE IT!!)
Dollars and Cents (Great job in this song! Amazing!!)
The Bends (Nice performance!)
Everything In Its Right Place (Another piece of awesomeness!)

Encore 2:
Like Spinning Plates
Creep (Could you ask for a better closing song?? Tears again in my eyes!!)

The ticket was a little expensive (It was reselled but wtf), but after the show, it was worth EVERY SINGLE CENT!!

Yeah, really amazing show!!

No vids from that night available yet, but here is one from the previous night (March 15)

I think my sis recorded sth with his cellphone (audio and videos) and as soon i could, i'll post them for you all!
Too bad that i didn't got anything to rec the show... maybe next time...

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I saw Gojira lastnight, it was alright.
"It's good to be classic, it kinda shows that we're old" - Chino Moreno, Kerrang! Awards 2007

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MSI played Chicago this past Friday, was a blast


I just saw Balkan Beat Box and also Asian Dub Foundation. It was cool.


I saw a pink floyd cover band called Dark side of the Wall this saturday. They were fucking good. They were joined by Roger Waters live saxophonist aswell. Good times.


was at Ladytron show tonight. Maaaan. They were beautiful. They were wonderful. I mean, Mira Aroyo and Helen Marnie. I wasn't even looking at other members (they had more than 4 people, btw).
And Mira with Helen... I could watch them forever. As they dance, so old-fashioned and shy, so cute! We were singing all the songs. And dancing, dancing... They were wonderful
It doesn't matter that warm-up sucked (crappy russian undustrial band... actually they had one song i liked)
It doesn't matter Ladytron  came on stage after almost 2 hours delay. It doesn't matter they played only about 10 songs...

Girls on stage were something worth being there.


Here is my schedule:

Toadies 5/22/09
NIN/JA 5/30/09
Bonnaroo 2009

Stride Winterblue

Bonnaroo, lolz, filthy hippie.


Last one was Every Time I Die w/ Gallows (6th May)

Upcoming :

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Manchester, UK

Mastodon - Manchester, UK
Download Festival , UK
Chickenfoot - London, UK
AC/DC - Wembley Stadium, UK

Spinnerette - Manchester, UK
NIN/JA  - Manchester, UK

Pearl Jam - Manchester, UK
Deftones - Liverpool ?, UK
Deftones - London, UK
Deftones - Leeds Festival, UK

Rise Against/Thursday/Poison The Well - Manchester, UK
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NIN Last night in Irvine, CA

There was nothing more incredible than hear the opening Now Im Nothing followed by Terrible lie. Also so great to hear The Becoming, Heresy and Mr Self Destruct. I really hope Trent does not take a long break because NIN will be miss a lot now that is going into the nothing.
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Guano Apes, two days ago. Never been a huge fan of them, but I must say Sandra and the rest really impressed me with their performance. It's worth seeing them if you attend some of the European fests this summer.


saw the yeah yeah yeahs last thursday. awesome show with an awesome set. played material from almost all their releases, even the debut ep (art static). i definitely recommend seeing them
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gogol bordello and man man this past sunday in chicago.