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latest concert you've been to

Started by goldpony, Oct 04, 2007, 07:20 PM

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AC/DC in Lisbon yesterday, badass concert =D
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I saw Mastodon last night and interviewed Troy.
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I saw SOulfly list night in Belgium !!

WIcked as usual


Quote from: Longstem on Jun 12, 2009, 06:09 PM
I saw SOulfly list night in Belgium !!

WIcked as usual

just saw 10 years last tuesday, coulda been better

black coffee

Jonah Matrangah last night. First of all, I'm really happy to have finally seen this great man and musician live. He was in a great mood, asked the audience inbetween songs which one to play next. He played songs by all of his former projects, including the great Far, Gratitude, New End Original and of course Onelinedrawing. It was really cool that he also played Be Quiet And Drive and came up with a nice reference that Chino didn't like his version of it at first. Show lasted well over two hours. he was really nice and thankful for receiving so much love and kindness, and he gave back everything he had. Hopefully I'll see him many more times to come-


saw dredg in orlando last night and it was great.  but their always good, so no suprise


2 x Deftones :

@ Pukkelpop last week (and saw Rival Schools few houres before).
@ Amsterdam Paradiso

coming up : Deftones @ Cabaret Vert (somewhere in France)


Deftones - London Forum


Deftones - Leeds Festival tomorrow
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NIN last show last night, it was epic and it was so far the best show I've seen in 2009. Lets hope for Deftones and Chimaira in fall.
:D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIN 4 ever !!!!!!!
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got tickets for MEGADETH!  nov 20th

neutron liar

Converge with Dethklok last night.

good stuff.

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radiohead last year. i really need to get to another concert. hopefully coheed and cambria starts touring again or deftones come near by. i've been a fan 12 years and have yet to see a deftones show. the day i was coming home after seeing tool i looked in the paper and deftones were playing a small club show the next night but i had to get a ride home from montreal to nova scotia which is like 14 hours. i wasn't too keen on being stranded in montreal but if i was given the choice today i would TOTALLY walk home for like a week just for one night of defones. especially a amall club gig. i kick myself every day.

White Pwny

Cage the Elephant & Silversun Pickups...    good show.
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massive attack last month. was ok

some random fag

I just saw Umphrey's 5 times within this past week.



Depeche Mode @lisbon 14 november, great gig, loved it =D
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