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I can't find 2 girls 1 cup anywhere

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You would not put my eye in my vajayjay... would ya?  ???
hang a noose for my new sinner.... somewhere everyone can see it...

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oh and i heard 2girls1cup is peanut butter

I heard alot of rumors about it being peanut butter too or at least something that isn't sh*t.

So that would make it better, until you realize that even if it is peanut butter - they're still vomiting into eachother's mouths. Eww.

I only got about halfway through the video but I'm telling you, what made me more sick than anything was watching the reaction videos on youtube. Some of them are funny, but listening to people gagging while watching it just turned my stomach.

Ugh...I can't even talk about this anymore.    :-\