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Nothing fancy at all:

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Hey guys and girls :)

This is my first post on here and it's so refreshing to see so many Deftones fans in one place! (I know barely any!)
So basically, I'm getting my first Deftones tattoo in 2 weeks time and I wanna see what you guys think.

First image:
I'll be getting just the owl part of this picture on my upper arm, with a slight adaptation, with one of the wings spreading slightly onto my chest which I hope will look something similar to this - - (The owl will be the same as image 1 though). Basically I want to get this as a start of a half, maybe full, sleeve.

Anyway, I've seen some amazing tattoos from you lot on here which have really inspired me to get cracking on my own!
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I don't understand how to post pictures yet (please explain to me, haha), but I've got a few tattoos that I'd like to show. My left arm and shoulder are full of colorful flowers, among which roses, daisies, lilies and a hibiscus. It's really beautiful and I've been getting a lot of positive comments on them lately. :D

Saturday, if my medical check-up goes well enough for me to soldier on then, I'll be getting a silhouet of Chi on my right shoulder. It's got a special, rather spiritual meaning to it for me, which I would rather keep to myself. I'd like to post the pic, though, as soon as I know how to.  :P
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