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So I used to post here as heyvanity, aaaand i forgot my password for that account. in addition, i also happened to neglect my hotmail account with which i had started that username so they deleted my e-mail. as a result i can't get an e-mail to figure out my freaking password. i am in a quandary, as recent bouts of sleeplessness/boredom have led me back here. I don't even know if anyone here would still remember me, hah.

Question being, is there any way to figure out my password to use my old account?  :-\

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I'd try PMing Nuno.
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Well, I do remember you, and I'm sure some others will too, still few old members there...

And yes, the only way I would see to get back your password would be to PM Nuno (Drop-Dead).

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I definitely remember you. I hope you get your account back or simply start posting under a new account. would be nice to have some oldies back.
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