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welp, saying goodbye is going to hurt anyway whether you want it or not, how long is he going

also no, if it was up to him we would still get along but i simply feel very awkward with the dude so that was that, i wonder if this is going to bite me in the ass one day because right now i'm so blinded by love blixa

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he's going for two months. i also found out his last girlfriend cheated on him. i also have a feeling that he's shagging another girl. i was kind of stalking his friends instagram and i saw a photo of a girl that they were in a picture with and yeah. i shouldn't be shitty about it because we aren't dating. he does drugs and shit. don't know why i like him at all.

is he not speaking to you? or speaking to you, but awkwardly? if you know in your heart you made the right decision then you did. loving someone doesn't come easy. especially if it's true love in any way. you don't get to pick it and sometimes it does happen with your best mate's ex and you have to know it's okay. guys always talk about this 'guy code' and shit, but i think those dumb codes are meant to be broken. you sound happy and she's happy too i bet so it all happened for a reason. never be sorry because you loved someone and they loved you back regardless of the situation.