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Crosses [Chino Moreno's side project]

Started by deftuner, Feb 06, 2010, 02:41 AM

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yeah I have adblocker just saying it gets to messy to do with those live streams you either sacrifice quality or end up with a huge file, there wasn't much notice either I would have tried to set something up but as soon as their post showed on my facebook the show was already underway hopefully the site that streamed it does some kind of archiving where they keep a recording of the stream for a while.


Quote from: DeftonesNZ on Sep 23, 2014, 03:08 AM
Here you go luckily someone was prepared
You're quick haha. I had just posted that to the familia grp before I posted here. Luckily indykid capped it, and assuming most people missed it, I had to upload it.

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hi man


For those who don't use Torrents, you can download via the link below (you just put ss in front of youtube)
Crosses ††† : Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Website


I am looking for guitar tabs for the tune: Trophy

on that note do instrumentals exist of the album?


Im so glad theres actually a version of the cross remix you can actually understand


If only we could get those remix stems already.  :P



Chino is back in Shaun's studio.


I love that Chino is so productive and passionate about making as much music as possible. Deftones, Crosses, Palms, new Team Sleep, all on the go at once. It's awesome for us.


Checking out Lopez's twitter. New EP on the way?



Haha, he sure does love his Drake memes.


Quote from: shoop on Apr 15, 2014, 10:31 PM
Crosses - Live at Studio Paradiso, San Francisco, CA (3-30-2014)!idxXAATQ!PoVriGR2hWNixB-lRnZfMg
can someonere upload this.. thanks
I love me some Vinyl.

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Crosses ††† : Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Website