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When Girls Telephone Boys [Frank's part boosted]

Started by Vesanic, Jan 09, 2011, 12:52 PM

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Alright, i listened to it. I think you did a great job as far as quality. I think franks part shouldve been a little louder, but definitely not that loud. It drowns out the heaviness. It's hard to hear the rest of the song, because it's so loud. I think if it were SLIGHTLY enhanced, instead of dramatically it would probably sound really good. That song to me is heavy emotionally and i think that mellowed it out. I listen to that song to take out aggression. You do good work though, I will give you that!


Thanks for remaining objective.

Is that you on that weird signature picture ?



Haha no. Im not a girl. I had a crazy ass dream of a girl that looked like that who jumped at my throat so i found a pic of a girl with fangs and used windows paint to make that pic. I have some insanely trippy dreams sometimes and that was a ten second one i liked


how exactly did you do this? you recorded the part yourself or boosted his part?

There Will Be Blood


There's that live version from 2006 where the sample of Frank is almost the only thing you can hear. So I just slowed it down and looped it over the original track choruses.


I always enjoyed Frank's part in this song and found it to be so typical of Deftones to create such a nasty song, yet sneak some melody in there underneath the screaming. This is another reason why Self-Titled is up there as far as favorite Deftones albums is concerned. They were able to crank up the heaviness and not lose the melody that provided them so much success with White Pony.

Great work, Vesanic.


Is there anyway someone (Vesanic ) can rip (cleanly) the individual samples used by frank from this song????


Nah man, sorry. The sample I used still includes some noises from the rest of the band.


Can i get them anyway, maybe i can clean them up a little more. looking to perform this song live, and would love to add this effect.


Sure. But I deleted the ones I used... Here are new ones, without the good tempo, though:

Chorus sample

After chorus sample


Im sorry if you already answered this Vesanic, but did you use the pinkpop 2006 version as a sample?



ah thanks man, as soon as I saw the pinkpop performance i thought of you


Man now when I hear that song I got that part in my head...

Far away

I liked it. Thanks man. :)

Oh and Hexagram would be great too.


Could someone re-up this version for me? Lost the original file.