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Black Stallion (White Pony remix album)

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Way better than DJ Shadow's in my opinion.

Yeah, Shadow's version tried to take the song in too different of a direction. Slapping a weak trap beat with some random electronic noises at the end behind Chino's vocals doesn't work or fit at all. TTA's version understands the melancholic mood of the original much more.
Broadly agree.

I'm speculating here but I do wonder if with the story of the original remix idea they felt they had to include DJ Shadow's version on the record and putting this out on RSD was the concession.
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Can't agree with that, I dig Shadow's remix.

It feels weird saying I'm into the Arca remix more than TTVs though....

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Anyone find a high quality FLAC rip of the RSD 45? I have a copy but don't have the equipment to transfer it.

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