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Release Of The Week

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The release of the week belongs to no one else but THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.For some of you this might not be a surprise because some of you know that I've worhshipped the release of this CD one month before the original release date.On Nocturnal(2007) they showed a big improvement over Miasma (2005) and in Defloration (2009) they showed aggression.
Ritual brings the best of each album compiled into 54 minutes.Great CD from Start to finish,I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did since I got the leak and since I bought it last night on CD.

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is this like a user-picked best new release for the week, or what?

either way, I agree about Ritual. hands down best metal album of 2011.

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It is a very good read I Wadi good. I feel like I'm going to study this, deep down.