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Let me try and help you out of your funk:

Moab - Said It Would

The Mire - Triple Gemini


I'll keep going until you hear something you like.

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I'm not sure what your tastes are like, or what you're already familiar with, but whatever:

This first on i'm throwing out there just in case you're not aware of these guys, which i assume you are. If not it's a must listen!

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Thanks for the help! Today as I went through the Best of 2014 I checked Moab and badbadnotgood. Badbadnotgood got through to the next round as a band that I might chech out better later. Neurosis and The Mire I have never been a fan of, although The Mire to me is better from these two. True Widow I did not know from before but did not care much for.

Im gonna just drop some names from the top of my head (and from my mostlistened of the music which I listen to, to help you see what Im basically into and listen to even nowadays. I'll also separate between the new and old stuff, because theres huge difference with many bands. In a random order:

- Esthero (old stuff)
- HIM (old stuff)
- Engine Down (all except the newest)
- Denali
- Nirvana
- AFI (all except the oldest and the newest)
- Wax Tailor
- Bonobo
- Erykah Badu
- India.Arie
- Coheed and Cambria
- Machine head (old stuff)
- Dredg
- Circa Survive
- Murder by Death
- Wintersleep (old stuff)
- Thrice
- Tori Amos
- Sade
- John Frusciante
- Kaddisfly
- The Dear Hunter
- In Reverent Fear
- Incubus
- Deftones (old stuff)
- At the Drive-In
- Opus Dai
- Chevelle
- Fair
- Codeseven
- Ciry and Colour
- Clann Zu
- Bedroom Heroes
- Flobots
- Digital Summer
- For The Mathematics
- Mute Math (old stuff)
- Jeff Buckley
- Hooverphonic
- Saosin
- Strata
- Metric
- Pure Reason Revolution (old stuff)
- The Stiletto Formal
- Lovage
- Eyes Set to Kill (old stuff)
- The Fall of Troy
- The Mayan Factor
- Elliott Smith
- Luke Pickett
- Muse
- Thievery Corporation
- Ambulette
- Veda
- Morcheeba
- Kingston Wall
- Damiera
- Dungen
- Susheela Raman
- Glassjaw
Edit. Adding some more that I just cant leave out:
- Archvive (old stuff)
- DJ Shadow
- Alexisonfire
- PJ Harvey
- Yann Tiersen
- The CInematic Orchestra
- The Pharoahe Monch
- Blackstar
- Stephen Marley
- Damian Marley
- Jill Scott
- The Horrors (first album)
- 3
- Volta do Mar
- okay I'll try ti live without adding more :D

And tons of others, I think you see the picture rather well. So I dont listen to a lot of heavy stuff, nor a lot of instrumental/post-rock. Because of my wide music "inventory" any new band needs to be something different and really good. I cant be bothered if a new band that I hear doesnt create any feelings.

There must be good new music (or something older that I havent yet heard) but I just cant seem to find it nowadays. Suggest whatever you can think of, I will surely check anything out  8)
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I left out Jaga Jazzist from my list for some reason, I love them.

Never have gotten into Motorpsycho yet. I might someday, but not yet. Good music but just takes time to get into for me.

Kings of Convenience has always been alright with me. Listened to them every once in a while. Good tunes for a chill gathering with some friends.

Keep em coming!

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Alright, comments on these:

Tame Impala, didnt feel the vocals, not distinct enough, even thouhg I do not like it if the vocals are very clear and bad at the same time. If theyre clear and good I do not pay attention to the lyrics, I just enjoy the vocal melodies. To clarify, I like distinct and clear vocals which do not still jump out in a bad way. The music was ok.

Thomas Dybdahl, checked out three songs and he seems to switch around his vocals style from song to song. Got bit of a Dallas Green wibe fro the vocals, but didnt feel it at the end.

Built to Spill, didnt feel it again. My musical liking is very attached to emotion, if I dont feel it in the music then it has to be very interesting and something different. This one didnt fill that.

Overall, I like my music to be in minor key, downbeat. Upbeat and in major key has to be something really spectacular for me to get interested.

Greaattttt, Im enjoying this new stuff testing a lot.
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this is like playing musical mastermind.

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Back after a work trip.

Jason Molina: The song you linked was cool, interesting and fun. I liked his vocals on this song. Checked out some other songs, his vocals were a bit different throughout each song. We'll see how I feel about the vocals when Ive heard more. But I liked the guy, Im gonna check out more of his stuff later.

Sun Kil Moon: Ive checked them out before and didnt like it. Checked them out now again and didnt like the very prevalent storytelling style of the vocals in the two songs I chcked. The actual vocals were okay but would for me fit another style of music, and the vocals soundwise actually are close to those of Wintersleep's 2 first albums.

And the other song you posted from the same band: Again the same feeling. Not for me at this point. I guess the storytelling and the lyrics are one of the main reasons why the guy/band is popular. And the music as such would fit the description I made about music being in minor key, downbeat etc. And this song also is very close to those 2 first WIntersleep albums both vocally and feeling-wise.

I would recommend you checking them out if you havent:

I chcked their 3rd album back in 2007 and remember not liking it. Havent checked the 2 new ones after that. I might one day.
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