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Album of the Week Gold Edition.. Week 4

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Hey Guys, Sorry for dropping the ball and taking forever to do this.  Busy time with the hollidays as I'm sure it was for a lot of you. Really glad we are doing this again.  I"ve heard some awesome new stuff so far from everyone who has contributed so far.  Hopefully you each find something you enjoy from my selection.  These tracks are just some what I've been listening to lately.  Hopefully you haven't heard a lot of them. 

Washed Out- Far Away (yours truly session)  my jam lately.  love how he remixed this track.  that sax is gorgeous

A Sunny Day is Glasgow- In Love with Useless       

Pretty Lights-Yellow Bird
and a cool documentary of the making of this album

The War on Drugs- Red Eyes

BadBadButNotGood - Can't Leave the Night

Freddy Gibbs and Madlib - Thuggin    (my favorite rap album of the year. so fucking raw)

I will comment on all of your lists tmrw.  I've really enjoyed what i've heard so far.  Hope u guys enjoy!  Lets keep this going.  Happy New Year, 2015 is going to be a great year for music.  Fucking pumped for Team $leep.  Cheers!!


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Awesome! I will check these out maybe already today if I have time and will give some comments.

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Alright, checking them out now and commenting as I listen:

Washed Out:
- The sax was nice indeed. I checked out the original version of the song too, which I liked maybe more than the live one. Couldnt really make out what kind of music it is so I checked out some more stuff. Some was very much trip hop, some more pop, all pretty much electronica. Still dont know what to make out of this music. Im intrigued and will check out a full album at some point.

A Sunny Day is Glasgow:
- Well, dont know if I like it or dislike this band. I checked out some live stuff of theirs as well. This band sounds better live in my opinion. Very poppy. Vocally a rather interesting band with 2 distinctively different vocalists. The band is probably a grower like previous one but I like it. Will check more.

Pretty Lights:
- Musically awesome stuff right from the beginning. I was afraid that it wont have any real vocals. Was partly right although there was various different vocals throughout the song. Checked out the album in parts. Musically again awesome, interesting, chill and jamming. The lack of "real" vocals throws me off a bit. This band sounds like how Bonobo sounds live, and thats a LOT. Awesome stuff, I gotta say. Will definitely check out more.

The War on Drugs:
- This one I do not like. All the way from the first seconds. The same with the rest of the song. Some synths were cool but thats about it.

- Ive commented on this band before and have probably said before that its ok but nothing that special, for me. I like the piano and the feel to the song but somethings missing. I might check this out later, maybe.

Freddy Gibbs and Madlib:
- Ive been into a lot of Hip Hop lately and I like the beats and the background on this one too. The video was terrible in my opinion btw. Madlib is cool. This song was overall ok. I could check out the whole album one day though, good hip hop albums are really rare these days.

Thats it, thanks for sharing!

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Thuggin is one of my favorite tracks from the last few years (maybe it was you who first showed it to me in the hip hop thread quite a while ago), i wasn't quite feeling the album though. Maybe it's just me but i have a hard time getting through hip hop albums. I love a lot of songs, but it's definitely not a genre i'm comfortable enough with to sit through whole records.

I loved the Washed Out live track, BBNG, and Freddie Gibbs of course. The three other ones which were new to me didn't quite hit the spot unfortunately, but Pretty Lights-Yellow Bird was interesting.

If no one is opposed, i'll go ahead and prepare another thread for this weekend...