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Album Week Gold Edition, Week 3

Started by black coffee, Dec 19, 2014, 03:27 PM

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black coffee

Having put more thought into this than my job this week, my goal was that whoever checks out my edition will find at least ONE song they didn't know before. Lets see how that turns out.
I decided not to write anything about artists and/or songs and will neither list a genre so you have a chance to listen to it without any reservations towards certain genres or subgenres.

#1Meniscus - Idiot Savant - Far ( song ends about 8:40 )

#2 Snapcase - Exile Etiquette

#3 Tesseract - Nocturne

#4 Filter - Skinny

#5 Albinobeach - Myopia

edit: full playlist

Have a good weekend SL citizens .

An bád dubh

- I liked the drums and the groove troughout the song. Is their music all instrumental? There were some screams in the end of the song but I get a feeling that its gonna be instrumental.  I'll listen to the song again at some point and might check more later, maybe.

- Sounds like you like cool drums, as this one had cool drums too. Overall a nice song, had a lot of stuff which I potentially might like. I will check this band later.

- I liked the versatile vocals on this one. Was happily surprised that the vocals were clean and didnt sound like the vocals on Tool/Karnivool/Rishloo/many other bands with similar vocals. This one goes on my list (which I can never ever finish) too.

- Music felt alright and real but I didnt like the vocals on this one, at least on the first listen.

- I like the drums, the groove and the bass. Its postrock/instrumental again, which I cant really get into if its not something very different and amazing. An alright song again, but for me I dont hear a big difference with many of the bands of this style.

Thanks for the list! The playlist worked really well again technically. I will do the same next time.

Edit. Oh yeah, I dont think I knew any of the bands from before, so your goal is fulfilled at least for now.

An bád dubh

By the way, would it be okay for you to change the topic of the thread to Album Week Gold Edition, Week 3: bc? Would make it easier for  people to follow whats new on the album week -board and give this new Album Week start some more visibility and views.


Never heard any one of these songs, so you succeded in that regard. Started off pretty good with Meniscus, but the rest wasn't quite my cup of tea, unfortunately...

I'm liking this trend of youtube playlists, maybe i'll do the same myself.

black coffee

Usually I'd never listen to music on youtube, but for the album of the week thing its a great idea

Since I completely forgot-
Nomination for next weekend: Crazylegs

anyways Crazy after I saw we have zero overlaps in the best of 2014 topic I figured you wouldn't like most of what I'd come up with. Still cool you listened to those songs.  Now I am looking forward to Gold Edition #4.


Always have been a favourite, they have that astral quality that TOOL also has, but in a completely different colour and scope.

An bád dubh

Crazylegs, are you doing the week 4 this weekend?

If not, we can either call it a Christmas break or optionally anyone who wants can start the week 4 -thread on monday.



I can go as well. I'm sorry I have not commented on anyone's posts yet. I have been listening to what u guys posted just haven't had time to sit down and share my thoughts. I will tonight when I get home. Found some awesome new stuff from u guys btw. Glad were doing this again.

An bád dubh

No hurry Crazylegs, how about you do it next weekend? I know its a bit of a pain if one doesnt have enough time. Start it today or then just next weekend.

With that said, E-money, start your Album Week Gold Edition, Week 4 -thread tomorrow if Crazylegs has not started it before that. If Crazylegs starts the thread today, then you can start the week 5 next weekend.

black coffee

The one who is quicker gets edition #4 and the other gets #5, I agree.


e-money can just go ahead, i won't have time to do it today either...


Ok I will do mine tonight. As well as comment on what I have heard so far. I pretty much have the tracks ready. Just have to figure out how to do a YouTube playlist. Never made one before but I'll figure it out.

black coffee

Definitely do that, I am interested in what you think.

about the playlist: click on a video of your choosing. Below theres an option "+ add"... click on that, create new playlist, and add to playlist. Cheers.

An bád dubh

E-Money, you live in the US, right? So Im hoping that you can still make your upload before you go to sleep tonight. As I for one will probably have only today (wednesday) time to check out your stuff because of the new year's holidays. I need my music fix for this week bro  8) Soon we really have to call this a Christmas holiday/New years holiday break for Album week, as its already wednesday.

An bád dubh

Alright, Im gonna go ahead and suggest that we call last weekend a Christmas/New Years break. Two album weeks just 3 days apart is too much, I think people wont have time to really check them out and comment. Also, I think its best to keep it simple and continuous: One album week per week, posted during the weekend.

As black coffee said: "The one who is quicker gets edition #4 and the other gets #5, I agree." Edition #4 will be the first weekend of January and edition #5 will be the second weekend.

Happy New Years eve folks!