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The +/- thread!

Started by raynor, Jun 22, 2004, 10:15 PM

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- Baltimore riots

digital bath


Quote from: digital bath on Apr 28, 2015, 03:32 PM
- my grandma died today :'(

Sorry to hear that man, nothing but positive vibes to you.


+ Going to Russia to be the best man of a Russian friend at his wedding
+ Did my first photoshoot as a model. Unexpected but went pretty great.
+ Feeling awesome overall


- Kinda weak and without appetite
+ New HP Laptop with 12 GB of RAM and 1080P
+ Enjoying the shit out of my PS4 and Mortal Kombat X
+ Looking for new action figures to buy

digital bath

+ soon holidays
+ will go with my GF to Bhutan
- hard times at work
+/- it's hot and sunny here
+/- do again more sports, it's hard but I do see the results
- my legs are hurting most of the time
+ so far, this is the best year of my life


+ Otakon in a week
- Feeling kinda sick


+ found a band i like
+ finally broke the ice with an attractive girl
- house doesn't have a/c so it's 89 F in here


- Turns out I have Lyme Disease
- Missing Otakon


Quote from: deftones47 on Jul 24, 2015, 10:40 PM
- Turns out I have Lyme Disease
- Missing Otakon

Sorry to hear that. Hang in there, man.


- Missed the whole convention while in the hospital

Thanks N0S3BLEED976.

digital bath

+ going soon to Paris for holidays
+ maybe also to Greece on Christmas holidays (or another European country)
- one of my friends is taking drugs/pills since a few months and thinks it's totally okay
- one of my co-workers husband committed suicide and leaves her with two teenage kids


+ 2015 is finally over. It was a shitty year.


+ Ready to keep College rolling until I get my Major in Graphic Design
+ 2016 actually making me younger instead of older
++ So glad the holidays are over
+ New Deftones Hopefully
+++ I'm going to get back the chick that I hurt stupidly
+ Lots of sports action this year!
- Playstation Network is down :/


+New year
-So far is the same as last year
-No job
++Got back to making music
+++Few gigs coming next month
+My arthritis diminished, now my back doesn't hurt anymore

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+ Finished another drum cover which I will upload to YouTube


+ I'm going to see Deftones in Milan, Paris and Cologne
+ I may go see Limp Bizkit in Dusseldorf and Five Finger Death Punch in Vienna.
+ I lost about 20 lbs since summer, but I kept my voluptuous hourglass figure. I'm a US size 8/10 now and my curves are in the right places! 8)

+/- I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. Breaking up is never fun, but I feel more peaceful now. The drama was killing me. We remained friends though and that's good.
+/- I'm not going to the USA, but now I can study better and go to more concerts and festivals this summer.

- I'm as good as burnt out. I'm a self-admitted workaholic and I just had an 'intervention', after my experience in Paris last year started making me sink down to Rock Bottom once again.
- My grandma's dying of cancer. Half my family's died of cancer, including my grandpa, who practically raised me, together with her and my mother.  As I live far away, I barely get to see my family, usually at funerals.
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-Girls in a coma she might not come out of it.
-explaining to your daughter why mom won't wake up.


Quote from: deftones86 on Feb 20, 2016, 10:42 PM
-Girls in a coma she might not come out of it.
-explaining to your daughter why mom won't wake up.

sending all the good vibes..
stay strong


Quote from: deftones86 on Feb 20, 2016, 10:42 PM
-Girls in a coma she might not come out of it.
-explaining to your daughter why mom won't wake up.

Stay strong, good man.
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