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The +/- thread!

Started by raynor, Jun 22, 2004, 10:15 PM

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+ Birthday was yesterday
+ Got Rocksmith 2014 for PS3


+ started going to college in media engineering in a new city
+ made new, awesome friends pretty quickly
+ partying hard
- side effects of partying hard
- i guess i started smoking
- courses are gettin kind of tough already


+ Linkin Park summit this Friday
+ Linkin Park concert that night
+ Pretty good festival lineups so far
+ Looking forward to going to school again
- No Deftones tour dates or album yet
- Had to miss a project's meeting due to public transport issues
- Stressing out about going to the doctor
- November's expenses are going to leave me broke
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Quote from: N0S3BLEED976 on Nov 04, 2014, 10:25 PM

- i guess i started smoking

you "guess"? stop right now you fucking retard


Yeah I will. Smoking was kind of fun when I was drinking, but every time else it's the worst. Stayed away from them for 3 days now and I have no desire to go back.


good man, please continue


I'm gonna have to go with Penicks on this one. Stop before you become addicted N0S3BLEED976.

- Republican senators got elected in Maryland
+ Mastodon/Gojira/Kvelertak concert owned two nights ago!


fuck all that

dose the american spirit pall mall newport kool  fiberglass menthol every chance you get

or marlborrow your lungs to your extent

enjoy death while still living


+ everything

chick de la lynch

Quote from: deftones47 on Nov 06, 2014, 08:58 PM
- Republican senators got elected in Maryland

Republicans have control of the U.S. Senate would be the bigger disappointment, but hell I live in California--the liberal state.


- My (other) favorite band's management agency notified me the night before a special event, that it was suddenly 'over booked' and that I got my money back. I was among the first persons who bought a ticket. :'(
- I seem to be the only fan to whom this happened and so far, no other fan club member has been nice and/or supportive yet.
- It's a bit fishy that the only person they kicked out, happens to be a 'special needs kid'. I notified them of my physical/neurological issues, but they never got back to me on it to make arrangements and to talk about first aid. Seriously, guys? This feels a little off to me... does anyone agree that this is not normal? :-\

+ I now saved myself a whole lot of money, which I am going to spend on my Chi memorial tattoo.
+ I sold the gig tickets and I'm now going to buy myself something nice and supportive, like a bra. ;)
+ I have saved myself a lot of pain, misery and probably also a trip to the ER. I chose for my own health, instead of fandom. This makes me incredibly proud of myself. I think I made the right decision of quitting the fan club, after 7 years of membership.
+ My cat, Chez, has been awfully sweet and cuddly, ever since I received the bad message.  :-*
Eccentricity is but a sophisticated form of insanity.



Quote from: Lucky_Me on Nov 08, 2014, 08:49 AM
- It's a bit fishy that the only person they kicked out, happens to be a 'special needs kid'. I notified them of my physical/neurological issues, but they never got back to me on it to make arrangements and to talk about first aid. Seriously, guys? This feels a little off to me... does anyone agree that this is not normal? :-\

Yeah this doesn't seem right


@lostpilot: They haven't even had the balls to send me a personal apology, let alone a reason. I love Linkin Park, but their management should contract the chronic squirts for all I care. No balls, I tell you. Thanks for the support, man.
Eccentricity is but a sophisticated form of insanity.


May I chip in again? I feel like I've got so much to tell right now...

+ My current GP, neurologists and intern are finally seeing beyond their noses. After two hospitals and several trips to the ER, hallelujah, I'm not taken for some dying swan! They promised me to examine me thorougly, because they think my symptoms could ehh, be actually real and they may find something, like, in my brain...  :o #sarcasm
+ I'm going to get physiotherapy again, or at least an examination. This has helped me a lot before, so I'm keeping my hopes up. Maybe the symptoms might turn out to be more reversible than I thought, you know.
+ Most of my teachers and all of my classmates are being really nice and supportive to me. School is fun now.

- My neighbor hags are picking on me on the building's whatsapp. They're commenting on my disability and then on the fact that i'm ignoring them. None of them has asked me how I feel or has visited me, or even talked to me...
- My graphic design teacher has given me a 4,0 for an at least decent project. Because it doesn't matter that screens make me spastic and trying doesn't deserve some extra credit, of course.

+/- I'm scared of my two examinations, because none of both are a picnic and they're so soon already...  :-[ Seriously, guys, I shouldn't be complaining about this, but I'm just afraid for what's going to come.
+/- Tomorrow, I'm going to ask the dean whether I can get an exemption for graphic design. Wish me luck!

Eccentricity is but a sophisticated form of insanity.


+ Beat depression and addictions for good. Human spirit has incredible ressources.
+ LantlĂ´s

black coffee

what is the cure to addiction and depression? all I know is people learn to live with their condition, like an alcoholic can never drink again, no matter if 10 or 30 years have passed. One drink and its all back to start. Still good for you being positive about things.


Tough one. I'm not sure there's a universal answer, it definitely depends on the person and the said addictions.

As far as I was concerned, it was antidepressants and marijuana. As far as antidepressants go, since I was against going into a rehab center and I knew for sure I was gonna go through some Trainspotting kind of shit, I just isolated myself in a friend's flat while they were on vacation, around early September. It was the hardest fight I've ever been in. Going cold turkey on meds is a dangerous process, it can fuck you up forever, you have to be SURE you want to do this.

Miraculously, I made it. Let me tell you I was pretty fucking proud of myself. The physical symptoms of meds withdrawal are straight up torturous. It's not just being a bit more nervous, it is downright physical masochism.

In the process, I tried to quit weed as well, and I held it for a few days, but a couple of events just threw me back in it. Also, even though I had beat meds, I was still feeling depressed every now and then. And then, a couple of weeks ago, I don't know man, I just woke up, and it was gone. I felt great. I felt positive again. I could finally enjoy everything that was around me. Music, movies, people, activities. Then, quitting weed was a piece of cake.

black coffee

So you smoked weed to ease the pain of your depression? sounds like a vicious circle.

Congrats on getting out of that situation and being more optimistic now. I think we always look too much at the bigger picture and forget the small things, like meeting a friend, listening to music, seeing a beautiful sundown, having a cup of tea.

I love weed but its a drug after all and the body gets used to the effect real quick. If I do it too often I'll end up smoking 5, 6 joints in one evening and that wastes a lot of money, too. Aside from the fact that those amounts cannot be healthy for my mind ^_^ Occasionally its nice to be sitting at home after a day of work, smoking a joint and playing call of duty on xbox live or watching some episode but definitely not on a regular basis.


I'd say so. I mean, it's a vast debate. Mental diseases are a touchy topic. I for one believe depression is real, but it just doesn't come out of nowhere. If you feel depression, it's probably because there's something's missing in your life, whether you're aware or not. I don't believe someone who's happy with everything can have it. And if they say otherwise, it's just bullshit. Or, like I said, they haven't put the finger on what's going wrong in their lives, and they better look deeper.

Instead of looking for a way to fix my life flaws and be happy on my own, yeah, I'd hit the grass instead. And obviously, it was another league than just doing weed on a recreational, fun basis. Weed can be cool when used "right". I've been there. I just wasn't anymore. To the point where it was just not doing shit to me anymore. And luckily, like I said, I woke up one day with that unexpected great energy, and will to commit. If it happens to you, my best advice is to catch it and not ruin it the next evening with another pen or pill. I was lucky, on my own level, to have that. I know it doesn't happen to everyone.


that's good to hear v, addictions are for the weak