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The +/- thread!

Started by raynor, Jun 22, 2004, 10:15 PM

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True shit, I was some weak ass bitch.


do you exercise as well? probably one of the most underrated ways of coping with life's shitballs


Not yet, it's in the plans. I want to go back to running, sadly you know the surroundings of Charleroi, there isn't any appropriate zone to wander. At least not in my district. When I get my next pay I'll hit the gym back. I eat healthy again but I'm still a bone sack.


man you live in charleroi, no wonder you get depressed and addicted to shit. move now brah, flanders is great every time of the year

eating healthy is a great start though, happy for you


Tell me about that. I haven't seen shit from Flanders though, it's pretty sad, and I'm curious.

+ System of a Down in April!
- Sick as shit



+ L.A Autoshow
++ 4th time in my life a find a cellphone LOL
+ My Samsung Galaxy Camera fixed for free
- Holidays coming soon


-got my heart broke again
+ got my heart broke again
+ great tunes
+/-  "soft" drugs
+ online movie leak season
+ no work today=soft drugs +great tunes +online movie leak marathon


+ Godspeed You! Black Emperor in April


- Finals tomorrow
- Anxious as fuck
- Did hardly any studying

digital bath

+++ found a new love, it's pretty fresh but I hope it becomes serious :)
- - - had to break another's heart for that :(
+ 2 days to work till holidays
+ celebrate Christmas with my siblings
+ celebrate New Years Eve with my new love and friends
+ my birthday is soon, and I will maybe also celebrate it with my new love
+ bonus salary
+I've gained 13 kilogram weight in 8 months without getting fatter, I've even lost a lot of my belly fat.
- feel a bit sick and tired these days


++ about to drink coffee
-- to help me focus while studying for finals

+ and page get!!


- Still waiting for my next semester to start.
- Nothing to do in between now and then.


+++ Sold my first music license
++++got a gig doing composing for a cartoon.
- music as a job?


+/- Getting my laptop's hard drive fixed

Eros TBA

+ Crooks&Castles x Pure Bong/Bubbler Set
+ Crooks&Castles x YES. Snowboard
+ QP' of Kush
+ Tostitos
+ Spring

digital bath

- Earthquake in Nepal :(

digital bath

- my grandma died today :'(


Sorry to hear that, man.


Damn. Head up, man.
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