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Somebody should remaster 27058

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It's my favorite track by Team Sleep but there are two problems with it. Fucked-up drums and abrupt ending.
I don't know jack shit about sound editing so I'd really appreciate it, as well as many others I think, if somebody would fix these problems.
I hate White Pony.

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Agreed. Somebody should definitely remaster it. Somebody like Team Sleep. On their next album. PUT OUT A GODDAMN NEW ALBUM ALREADY, TEAM SLEEP.

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man i went through it and the drums distort the whole mix, and its already Had a mastering comp thrown on it, so its pretty much shit.

This is what the file looks like that kick clips and distorts every time it hits. id need a guitar track then throw new drums on it.

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I made a mashup of 27058 with a Charles Manson song called "Ego" sometime in 2006 and the distortion made it just "click" with what was happening in that old Manson Family Band track... Too bad I lost it along with over 200 original songs I composed when my hard drive crashed :(