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One day the great god Zeus became so troubled
About a headache which had long plagued him,
That, able to bear it no longer, he pleaded
Among the gods to help him in his plight.
They quickly brought Hephaestus before Zeus
And asked the smith god for his aid, to see
If there was anything that he could do.
The Smith proposed a speedy operation,
In which he took his weighted ax and split
Open Zeus's head, cleaving a wide gash,
From which out sprang a goddess, fully clad,
With sword and shield, bellowing a war cry,
Who became Zeus's most loved child, Athena,
Who blessed mankind with wisdom and her arts.
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I wrote this at the end of last year... Athena is the goddess of homeland defense.


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I was thinking epic... stupid toddler and mom save the world.  :)


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Athena is one of my favorite deities, second only to Cupid and Psyche. :)
Hephaesuts is Athena's less stunning male counterpart; still connected tho. :)

Headbanging every night, i had a lot of dreams like this. I would often dream of flying through space, stars, and whirling images.

After headbanging, and trying to fall asleep, is usually when I had all these images and sensations... but I believe headfirst leaps during the day were a side effect.


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There's a lot of universal truths in my early years, and part of why I decided to document it.

One a side not, my mom stocked my house with furniture, and kept giving me tables with rounded edges...
I visited my mom this weekend, and noticed all her tables have rounded edges as well. XD