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'It should be around here somewhere,' Ven announced, leaning towards the viewer. 'The readouts confirm it's here.'

They scanned the area until they found the shuttle, darkened and drifting in space with the lights out...

The shadowy silhouette of the vessel became clearer as they approached the stranded shuttle, and at closer look, nobody seemed to be stirring aboard.

'It looks like the hull is damaged,' Brand said in a somber voice, 'I don't think the cabin is holding pressure. Unless they were suited and braced for impact, I doubt there are any survivors.'

Ven gave him a worried look, before they both hurried to secure the boarding gate and search for any remaining survivors.

At the emergency hatch, they found the cabin to have no air pressure. Brand was to be the one to board first, so he slowly opened the hatch, and looked through. Beyond the open portal, they found the entire crew, non-moving, floating about dead without spacesuits.

The crew of the stranded shuttle all died, but someone managed to send the distress call on the safety beacon before the accident claimed their lives.
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