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Is This Common Knowledge?

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Back in 03/04, you might recall that the band posted a bunch of photos from the road/studio from ST/pre-SNW era.  One of the photos was a picture of a medieval poem with the title "combat" superimposed over it:

I've always been curious about where it came from or the story behind it, especially when that title was later used on SNW (but the poem/lyrics were not).  I've searched for the lyrics many years ago, and came up with nothing.  But today I gave it another shot after finding the photo in some archives I was cleaning up. 

The only match I could find was a website titled "The White Pony" (  I figured it was a fan site that posted the words of the poem.  But I was SHOCKED to see the poem comes from a compilation of ancient Chinese poetry titled The White Pony: An Anthology of Chinese Poetry ( - published in 1950.

This all leaves to reason that this book served as both the inspiration for the "White Pony" album title, as well as the image show in the 2003/2004 pic. 

Maybe this was well known, but it's news me:)

Here are screen shots of the poems in case anyone is interested:

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I totally remember that! I was waiting for those to apppear as lyrics in a song. Thatís really cool you found all this. Thanks for posting about it!

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't all those pics supposed to be for a Playboy story or something. I remember reading that Playboy had given the band new Nokia phones and they were taking photos on the road for an article. I remember buying Playboy mags for a few months hoping to see the article. I did read some weird Chuck Palahniuk story in one of the issues though. Plus the girls were nice to look at.
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