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Terry and Nick on working with Deftones

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Someone posted this on reddit but thought I'd share it here. I wrote out some tidbits as well.

Terry’s Deftones talk starts around 30 mins.

Nicks at 1:05:00

Tid bits:

Deftones rode their bicycles to rehearsals for Adrenaline.

Terry said they’re like brothers but they have something special.

They wanted Terry to get more low end in their stuff.

Vocals for adrenaline done in front of floor monitor with sm58. It was all about performance.

Terry likes second records since bands are more comfortable and know what they’re doing. Around the Fur was made quickly “for a Deftones record.”

Opening to My Own Summer is Terry’s favorite drum sound. He kept mics from Chino’s sessions because they were smashed. The smashed mics actually had a good tone.

Vibe of White Pony was created by intensity in the studio.

Digital bath is a favorite of Terry’s. Feels like he got the drum sound right on that song. RX Queen was a drunken loop made at the end of a night. Called Knife Party a crazy song. Because there was a girl screaming through the whole thing.

White Pony is Terry’s favorite Deftones record.

Abe hates playing to a click track. Terry tried to trick him by using lights.

Recorded in August in Sacramento with no air conditioning. So drums were recorded at midnight.

Terry encouraged the guys to work with someone else after White Pony because doing so many records with someone can get stale.

After Chi’s accident he said it was time for them to move on and find someone else to produce.

Band didn’t really want to work on Eros and didn’t know how to finish the record after Chi’s accident. So Nick told Chino “let’s just start a new record.”

Nick had heard how unorganized they are and told them he wouldn’t put up with any shit. So 12-6 M-F was the schedule for writing and 1-10 for recording.  Terry seemed kind of surprised he got them on a schedule.

Tried to bring a positive vibe to the band after Chi’s accident, which you hear on the record.

Chino takes the longest. Nick described Chino as an “artist.” But not in a diva way. Terry said he has to hear the melody, then put syllables to it. Then takes forever to get the right words and until he does he’s not ready to go.
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That was an interesting read, thanks for posting !

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