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I studied political science. My current job has nothing to do with my major but it's all good. A degree is just a piece of paper to get your foot in the door. Unless your going to go on for more education or something more advanced.

Favorite concert or live dvd?

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  • From the barrel of your eyes...

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor, in a bit less than a month.

Where do you live ?

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Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Favorite concert of your life (live)?
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That's a tough one... I think it'll be Deftones in Le Trianon, February 23rd 2013. I fell in love with them that night and I met Sergio. I also almost died of hypothermia. He still remembers me for being a human popsicle; the sweetheart hugged me, to help me stay warm. That was a magical night.

What's the most out-there, outrageous thing you've ever done at a concert or festival?
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At an underground festival called Kooky Kinky Hentai held under a bridge, I did a shit-ton of acid and there was this crossdresser who looked like an anime cat girl, I brought this couch I found near an abandoned building down from up the road earlier and we sat next to each other and I'm about to jack him off underneath a blanket but he's wearing a cock cage so I think "hmm maybe if he likes chastity he's into cbt" so I start squeezing his balls and that lasts for like 45 minutes. I didn't realise my friend was also on the other end of the couch with the Catgirl in the middle, I think he was into it tho cause he was watching. So I'm getting bored of squeezing balls and ask him to kiss me, he says no and walks off down the river into the night.

What's the most out-there, outrageous sexual experience you've ever had?
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