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Bullshit Thread #7

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mate, don't feel too bad for hillary. this is partially her fault, and she will continue to live a life of wealth, fame, and power.

america will now be responsible for its own self-implosion.

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The Democrats fucked themselves over for a candidate that couldn't beat a racist, misogynist, xenophobic piece of shit. They will have to live with that now for the next four years. Republicans are in complete control. I'm bracing myself for losing a majority of my rights in the next four years.

My Muslim roommate texted me today asking how I was taking the news. I told her not well. She said she was distracted at work all day. We're both preparing ourselves for the worst.

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watching election night was just so weird. i saw trump take the lead and i was like, well there's more red states in the southeast so Hillary will catch up sooner or later and get the win. but time was starting to pass and trump kept maintaining a lead while the probability of him winning just kept going up and up. i was just like, "are we really gonna elect this guy? is this seriously happening?"

and yep, it's happening

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yup, but hey at least she's likely to win the popular vote...

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This is a resurgence of white identity politics in America.  It is going to be glorious. And as shown in this thread and my FB wall, there will be much butthurt to look forward to. 

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mate, don't feel too bad for hillary. this is partially her fault, and she will continue to live a life of wealth, fame, and power.

america will now be responsible for its own self-implosion.

It's about 25% her fault (along with the centrist corporate democrats who backed her) that Trump won. She's a garbage candidate. Nothing more than a fake progressive Wall Street stooge and that's why America ultimately said no. She was a garbage candidate in 2008 and she was a garbage candidate in 2016. Democrats should have learned this after she lost to Obama, but oh no. We have to coronate Queen Hillary. The presidency is in her bloodline! Please, democrats, don't ever float that turd again.

Another 25% of the blame goes to the mainstream media/Hollywood, who constantly suckled at Clinton's careerist hawk dick instead of getting behind a better candidate. The media also gave Trump's antics WAY too much attention, instead of focusing on actual issues facing the world. Special blame goes to NBC, who should have just overpaid Trump on his Apprentice salary. That's mainly why he ran in the first place, btw - to create more buzz around his reality show so NBC would pay him more. He NEVER wanted to actually be president, much less ever thought he'd get the job. I can see it in his face in his acceptance speech and in his meeting with Obama and congress that he is now SCARED SHITLESS. If you don't believe me, go back and watch when Comedy Central roasted him or the White House dinner where Obama and Seth Meyers roasted him. He is NOT good at hiding the pained emotions on his face. That's your punishment, Donald. You wanted the spotlight with none of the responsibility that comes with it. Well, it's all yours now, guy. ALL OF IT. Have fun for the next four years.

The remaining 50% goes to Trump and his supporters. Trump, obviously, for exploiting the anger and fears of Americans for his own personal gain, but even moreso his supporters for buying into the empty promises of an incoherent used car salesman. He's not going to save you. He's not going to change Washington. All of his promises are not going to happen. There will be no wall. There will be no deportations. You're not going to be rich because he's rich. He's already putting lobbyists into his administration. So much for draining the swamp. Jury's out on if he'll even get rid of Obamacare...all it took was one cordial meeting with Obama for him to flip on it. Now he's saying instead of shredding it he will amend it. Ha. Trump will be more of the same old political garbage...just with an uglier paint job.

Oh, but he's a great businessman, they say! He'll run the country like a business, they say! That's cute. Since when have billionaire businessmen EVER gave a flying fuck about the blue-collar working man? Since never, that's when.
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The iconic Hollywood sign in the Hollywood hills was turned into a big endorsement for 420.

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Wtf IS wrong with Katy Perry & Kanye West?! And this Guy talking about this stuff!

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Best thread, must revive~
My gag reflex is as absent as my Father~