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The Holy Ghetto Bible
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My article of THE HOLY BIBLE (Ebonics Translation)

"For the last 30 years African Ameircans have put forth exhausting amounts of effort into creating their own "language." Even gritty public schools of Los Angeles have conducted an array of special language classrooms dedicated to Ebonicsa. Yet all these various updates... where on earth is the Holy Bible: Ebonics Version? It's simply a must have in today's African American culture.

The phrase ebonics stems from the words "Ebony" and "Phonics", as a definition of the unique dialect that modern African Americans conduct themselves with.

However... plenty of racist educators scoff at such an inquiry under the stance of their bigotry views, claiming ebonics to be perversion of the regulatory urban ghetto speech.

"I find ebonics to be appalling and disgusting, our children should not be taught to speak such garbage." - Jesse Jackson

Has it ever occurred to educators and the holy church that reason  African Americans rate highest in crime is because they haven't been presented with a proper translation of the Holy Bible?

I propose to you, any black child in say... Compton, picks up a bible by accident and begins reading a verse is seriously going to understand any kind of scripture that reads like this??

"You have heard that it was said, Ye shall not commit adultery;' 5:28 but I tell you that everyone who gazes at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. "- Jesus Christ

....and why in the hell should he when he's got playstation 3 in one corner and Nas in the other.
John 7:1-20 - *Ebonics Translation

You gots heard dat it wuz said, *Ye shall not commit adultrey, 5:28 but I tell ya dat brothas who gazes at uh biotch wiff lust afta her has committed adultery wiff her already in his heart.

If ya chillin' wid ya homies, why do ya see da speck dat iz in yo' brudda's eye? but don' consider da beam datz in yo' own eye? Jigga, you bitchazz hypocrite! "Beware o' da scribes! Who like ta walk in long phat robes, an' git greetings in da marketplaces, and in da bomb seats at da synagogues, an' da tight places at feasts: bu' know not at' da love o' uf me.

"What da dilly yo? How will we enter da crib of God? Fo it iz not ice and bling bling dat' may allow chew ta enter da crib uf God. But of faith to the J to the G oh D. Wiff what whack parable will we's illustrate it? Fo' Surely da pimps, playhataz and thugz be casted down wiffin' da pitz uh Satan where he will pop a cap up dey azz. But fo' doze who be representin' me and mah fa'der will shizzle they way ta da path of da light.


It's not you're you're job to dictate how the bible should be translated. What difference is there between a scripture that reads "And Moses said unto them, let my people go!" and a scripture that reads... "N' Mo Sez sed unto dey', let mah mothafuckaz go nigga...".

It is my humble opinion that church need to rise up and fight for the black man's good book. How can you expect a reduction in crack and gangs when there's no biblical instructions to guide these ghetto children?

Will gang bagers burn in eternal hell for all their sins?

Fat chance. The hypocritical Church carry out the debt of these criminals on the account of failing to provide playaz a readable and suitable Bible.

Mark 16:19

"Go into all da world, an' preach da Good News ta da whole creation. 16:16 He who believes an' iz baptized will be saved; but he who disbelievez will be condemned. 16:17 These signs will accompany those who believez in ma fadda. In mah fuckin' name dey will cast out demons 'n speak wiff new languages; 16:18 dey will take up serpents; an' if dey drink any thin' datz deadly, it will nahh hurt 'dem. dey will lay hands on da sick, an' dey will recoveuh." - Jesus Christ