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Guitar in "Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event"?

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In hopes of improving my own guitar tone while I'm stuck using amp sims, Ive been studying the different tones used by Stephen and Chino and trying to emulate them to the best of my ability. "Minerva", "Cherry Waves" and "Digital Bath" were always the three I thought of when trying for cleaner more ambient tones but then it occurred to me: I read an interview with the band a few years back (can't remember the source) and Stephen had said he added guitar to "Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event" after everything else was finished for the song. This was never totally obvious to my ears in the past, but now that I listen to the song again I can hear some notes buried in the mix that Im assuming are guitar but could also be some kind of synth. I scoured YouTube looking for a "guitar cover" of this song with no luck. Does anyone have insight on this? Maybe the guitar notes match some of the pianos and the way the song was mixed prevents that from being totally audible?