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Norman G. Filkenstein replies to an offensed jew

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yeah the elimination of his parents obviously didnt save him from becoming an antisemite himself.

he wanted to give a speech here in berlin. but luckily many organisations here were reasonable enough not to give him any platform. at the end he had to speak in front of some far left extremists and other "israel-critics".

those students should have tried everything to keep him away from the university.

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Well, I think he's right...
I really don't like when people use the drama that happened in their past to justify everything they do today.
I mean, sure, fair enough, you need something to "balance back" what happened, but you cannot keep using this "balance back" over and over again... At some point, past is past, and you have to start living normally again, and go on with the present, as everyone else would do...
It's about equalty between everyone, and not favourising a certain group of people...

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really? are israelis really claiming another moral standart forthemselves that they justify withth the shoah? i mean of course some do but this doesnt mean you have to accept finkelsteins way of remembering the shoah.

i think the girl was complaining because finkelstein basically says that israelis do the same to palestine that hapened to jews at the end of ww2.