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Black White Pony dilemma...

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So, you know how when you see someone gets thw white pony tattooed on black and you just want to scream out loud inside and also a little bit outside? Well, I am one of those people... lol

So, my dilemma here is that I am about get a Tesla M3 in black - a graduation gift to myself, if you will lol - and I am planning to get a matte black vinyl wrap and am strongly contemplating keeping a white pony shaped hole on be good shiny. But yeah, it would be a black white pony and I can’t make up my mind about whether I could go against EVERYTHING I believe in and donut and have a subtle  Deftones reference on my car, but have it be all “wrong”...

 I know this is probably the worst first world problem ever, but some feedback would be appreciated...


PS: getting an actual white pony on my hood seems too tacky, just in case you thought I hadn’t thought about the most simple solution to my silly dilemma... lol
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To be fair, there's nothing wrong with the White pony on black, considering ...

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