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Overall, it's a shame that bands like Dredg, Oceansize and Fair to Midland got so overlooked that they were basically forced to quit the bizz. I miss all those bands.

God. All three of them are in my top 10 favorite bands of the post-2000 era, and Oceansize is probably #1. And all three of them basically burned out after barely managing to sustain a starving wage through their music. It's disgusting.

Good proggish rock bands that didn't establish themselves before 2000 or so were all doomed from the start, as that style of music was completely cast out of the mainstream/radio, and the older generation that has sustained Deftones/Tool/et al. largely never bothered looking for interesting new music in their adulthood. That's my take, anyway.

Although, you do have a few like Coheed or Porcupine Tree who fared better. I feel like they only survived by pandering to the classic prog-nerd audience who worship Floyd, Rush, King Crimson, etc., whereas bands like Oceansize and FTM were strictly forward-looking and didn't pay homage to that tradition. I love Coheed and appreciate PT, but it's kind of annoying how that nostalgic prog indulgence tended to be rewarded commercially moreso than really inventive stuff. Oceansize basically did everything PT/SW do well, but threw in a shitload of innovation and diverse experimentation on top of it, so I'll never grasp why their audience stayed so much smaller.
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I think Oceansize's influences were more obscure maybe, and so those points of familiarity didn't touch a lot of people? I dunno, I hear a lot of Cardiacs in them, and some of their titles are even direct references: Part Cardiac, Music for Nurses etc. Plus they did a Spratley's Japs cover! But yeah, they definitely didn't pander, and there weren't really any theatrics involved, or attention-seeking. Sometimes beautiful music just ain't enough by itself sadly.

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Is there any other dredg freak besides me out there ? I've been stalking dredg members through their social media - it seems like all of them (maybe except guitarist) left music business and now all of them have their regular jobs in IT.  There were some rumors that they are up to something (new record plans for 2019/2020) but most probably COVID-19 situation is not helping them at all.

I'm wondering what is Dino doing right now. I remember he was supporting Crosses as a second drummer - would be cool to hear some new stuff from Crosses with Dino on-board. 

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Wonder about Dredg too. I remember plans of B-sides album, a scrapbook and stuff like that. And last year there was talk about new music. After that I haven't heard much.
I do know the live album got a vinyl treatment, and it's being send out now. I love that live album.