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Started by Mazzy, Jul 31, 2005, 04:49 PM

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See if I can get these to work properly..

Photo shoot with my cousins Challenger.

My Car..

Some random pics from where I live :)

Most if not all were shot with a Canon T2i/550D with a 50mm 1.8 II lens.


I'll just leave this here...

...never trust the obvious...

samson simpson

samson simpson

nuno cal

wow really nice photos guys.
iceache love the one with the car name "challenger" really great focus.

neurotic, love the first and second one you posted, lovely colours and scenery.

keep them coming.

i done a few lately, but i need to get my hdd and its far right now and i still need to edit them. will post them later, only have this one in my picasa right now.

nuno cal


I don't know why but those daisy photo's remind me of the be quiet and drive video. The effect is similar to those close ups of that random woman in the cut scenes.

nuno cal

thanks, its a bit hard to pull the off with the Lensbaby, especially focus, a bit like try and error, but somehow it worked. thanks as usual Billy  :)


its been a while (no staind jokes....). few more on flickr


new ones, testing my new optic!!! few more on flickr


Hello!! If you're not doing anything just take a look at my pictures, there is just 12 and even two of them are of Chino Moreno, taken by me on a deftones' concert here in Brazil.

The other ones are just me trippin around, I'm not professional or anything like that but I kinda like my pictures.




hey nuno, nice to see you again here. your work keeps being great! this time the photo I loved was this one:

How's your life been doing man?


hi Deftones-argentina, thanks for your comment about the photo. life is ok, not great, but better than last year complete mess. thanks for asking


few new ones


today shots.