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And where the hell is the live DVD they supposedly filmed after the last album?...

Are you sure that wasn't just a rumor? I've had the impression that they are strongly against the release of any video content from live shows. Salival (or something similar in the future) should be the best we can get.

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Perhaps it was just a rumor. But when I heard it, it sounded pretty solid. I heard they had filmed some shows for a future live DVD. How I so wish this were true...

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I, and probably a lot of fans would appreciate it, seeing as I've never seen 'em live, and can never seem to get tickets.

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It's been posted in their twitter and the new album is coming August 30th!

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Toolarchive has always done an amazing job for many years and always provide the best angles and audio, As per usual with ToolArchive. Whatever. During Intermission, “August 30th” was displayed on the screens. I can't wait to hear the studio versions 

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Tool have announced that their new album is titled “Fear Inoculum” .  They recorded the album with producer Joe Barresi.

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I think it's alright. I'm sure it will grow on me. Not captivating me all that much yet.
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01 “Fear Inoculum”
02 “Pneuma”
03 “Invincible”
04 “Descending”
05 “Culling Voices”
06 “Chocolate Chip Trip”
07 “7empest”
08 “Litanie contre la Peur” *
09 “Legion Inoculant” *
10 “Mockingbeat” *

* Bonus tracks
TOOL 'Fear Inoculum' Full Album Review

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"since i picked up their EP in 92"

Fuck off with the lies, ya kook.

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