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Your Best Show of 2007?

Started by theshadeisatool, Dec 29, 2007, 11:46 PM

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June 9th, 2007. Roseland Ballroom. New York City. Sold out. Orgasm.



neutron liar

RATM in August. 

you can't just see something like that and not be blown away.


Quote from: Deftones-88-05-Deftones on Jan 02, 2008, 01:18 AM
deftones Jun 28 2007 Gibson Amphitheatre Los Angeles, California

Same here. That show was of the hook. Dir En Grey were pretty good too, but yeah the Deftones kicked ass.


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Too many good shows last year to choose just one...

Killswitch Engage @ Manchester Academy
Mastodon @ Academy 2
Deftones @ Academy
36 Crazyfists @ Academy 3
All That Remains @ Music Box
Profane @ The Witchwood


For me it would be The Deftones & Tool.  Definitely.  Both are like what I imagine it must be like to have a religious experience or something.


5/15/07 DEFTONES tight ass show
5/16/07 DEFTONES   <<<  can't wish for more than smoking a superblunt with them on the bus! haha. good times!
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tool live in wilkes barre pennsylvania. in october 07. best show ive ever seen. and ever will see

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Probably  Deftones@013 tilburg 25-03-07
Arcade Fire@HMH Amsterdam 13-11-07

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Quote from: Fireal1222 on Apr 12, 2008, 07:11 AM
tool live in wilkes barre pennsylvania. in october 07. best show ive ever seen. and ever will see

see i thought they were good but they had NO stage presence. i like to see some emotional involvment when musicians played. there was nothing of this.

Tool depends entirely on fru fru shit like laser lights and other profound embellishments of glitter and action screens.
its poo. the bass player even sat down for like 3 songs. i even left early.
sry for the rant.

anyway my best shows of 07;
deftones/fall of troy -new orleans 2 nights
mewithoutyou/thrice/brand new -in new orleans
RATM -voodoo fest
team sleep -houston

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June 1st 2007.  Sunrise, FL .  TOOL   was a great show!


none :/
I haven't been in one concert in 2007.
not a gig person



Sorry for the bump.

Easily, my best from that year (10 years now!) was Deftones @ Mexico City (Feb 3rd.)
No other Deftones show has been as good as this one. Except maybe that one from 2014 that had to be cancelled due to bad weather, it was being an epic show.

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