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it's happened three times now that when I've visited sharing lungs, it's loaded another page created to look like I have the control panel for windows opened, with a message saying there might be a virus on my computer and a "scan" automatically starts. pretty obvious that it's some bullshit malware. before I've just shut the windows down and re-opened sharing lungs with no problems, but this time (just a few seconds ago) my microsoft forefront client even gave me a warning when that page appeared. so something tried to install on my computer.

has this happened to anyone else?

and Nuno, you should really look into this!
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No scan offer proposed, but spam, tons of spam, yeah.

Quote from: Jacob
and Nuno, you should really look into this!

Lol, no offense to Nuno, he's done an amazing job, but just look at Deftonesworld... It's spam headquarters...

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I'm using Safari for Windows Vista and don't have that spam or pop-up windows thanks god...

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