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Thoughts on Deftones & Gojira May 22 2022 Concert Toronto

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Hey fellow Deftones fans,
I was supposed to go to this exact concert in 2021, in Toronto as well, but of course it was cancelled (shocker). This time around it's the same two bands, and well I've never seen Deftones live. I am worried that the event will be cancelled because we have stricter rules now to enter Canada if you aren't vaccinated. I read an article that the guitarist doesn't really believe in covid or vaccines. So if he's unvaxed he'd have to quarantine. I doubt he has time to quarantine before the concert, because they're busy people  ???  So I'm really thinking this concert is going to get cancelled AGAIN. Thoughts anyone? Tickets are going for like $89 right now and Ticketmaster is hella stingy with refunds.