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No Deftones friends, so I joined!

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Hey, I'm a teacher in my 30s and I love Deftones. I've been listening since White Pony but got into them even more after I saw them last year. It was the best fucking show of my life. I could have died and been happy. I've seen them 3 times and had to pay for a friend or my sister to tag along...I'm sure some of you can relate. Decided that in the future, I'm going alone! Meeting people there is the best, after all. Anyway, just looking to talk to people who share the same love.

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Welcome !

Yes yes, Deftones, yes yes, heavy metal, yes yes, nü metal, yes yes, fucking queer, yes yes...

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I joined for pretty much the same reasons. I am 27 and now I don't feel so old LOL